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James Asher & Sandeep Raval - Drum Travel (2014)

James Asher and Sandeep Raval are two incredibly talented men with the gift of knowledge that encompasses a multitude of instruments, mainly percussive so it is no surprise that the title of their recent release is Drum Travel.

There is a bit more to this than just the title Drum Travel. The artists refer to this recording as the Tipi Experience. The image on the cover is a pyramid with a swirling gateway or rhythm portal, as it is referred to on the CD cover, all brought to you by their Global Percussion. If you notice however there is a city on the water that the beautiful image is overlaid on. There is a message here and you are cordially invited to find the meaning in the music and what is beyond the portal awaiting your discovery. It all makes more sense once you start off on your journey with Asher and Ravel.

These two amazing artisans are assisted by Simon Brewin (bass, guitar, Wit,The Discerning Don) and Carolina Maggio (vocals, charrango, painting, creativity and enthusiasm) and several other talented folks. These gents have a marvelous sense of purpose but also maintain a good sense of humor. After all, James plays a ton of instruments but gets credit for “Kitchen” so I am assuming he provided sustenance in the form of food and drink for his musical warriors whilst recording this endeavor.

Drum Travel is a two CD set comprising 13 tracks on disc one and 7 tracks on disc two, both clocking in at over 70 minutes. The very first track “Fugira” kicks things off in a marvelous way with splendid percussion, amazing rhythmic vocal styling’s (in Italian) and some fluid guitar lines. This music is a worldly blend; there is new age, world, jazz, blues and rock. Everything blends together superbly into a musical melting pot that will bring joy to your soul and aural beauty to your ears.

The instrumental tracks are a literal omnibus of musical delights. When Asher and Raval combine their efforts it’s like a wall of drums that envelopes you. It does not encapsulate you in a power driven sphere and take you away; it is like being swept away by a gentle wave then feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the best part is the wave never ends. You can respect the awesome power it commands but feel grateful for the retreat that it affords you into audio bliss.

“Bring on Brasil” is just that, you feel like you have arrived in that beautiful country and are suddenly taking in all the breathtaking landscapes and walking the city streets. It’s like world travel by osmosis. Then to change things again, “Beside The Blues,” delivers the blues and jazz sensations via the right percussion, keyboards and guitar flourishes. To say that this recording offers diversity is an understatement, you simply do not know what is coming next and that is what makes the listen so intriguing.

“Chili Pickle Chaser” is a great example of the percussion collaboration of Asher, Raval and friends. It has an interesting name but let me tell you it is nothing but pure excitement that builds as the track plays out.

“If The Earth Could Speak” is the first track I heard and was so taken with it I featured it on Rate The Tracks and to no surprise it jumped to the #1 position on the charts within a day and it continues to get plays. The title is quite prolific and so is the music. Everything that is good about what these people do when making music comes flowing forth like a river with a definite path to the ocean. It has meaning, beauty and first and foremost touches your spirit in a way that is most memorable.

Now if all of that was not enough they end the set with “On the Outbreath,” which is one minute short of 30 minutes. If there is one song that takes everything to another level it’s this one. There are some amazing creative juices flowing throughout this mix. This time frame made up an entire album in years past yet it is one song out of 20 that make up this implausible gathering of sound, elements and textures that capture your attention and engage your senses.

There is something true and natural about drums particularly when used in such a manner. It calls to you and invites you into their special rhythm portal. Listen, take the journey, you will not have any regrets.

Disc: 1
01. Fugira
02. Takita
03. How it Feels
04. Bring on Brasil
05. Beside the Blues
06. Drums for the Dragon
07. Chili Pickle Chaser
08. Rhythm Network of Sparks
09. Neptune Skank
10. Percussive Kitchen
11. Pappadoms form Persia
12. Breaking Good
13. Seven Veils

Disc: 2
1. African Angel
2. Los Cuentos
3. Hey Wanaina
4. If the Earth Could Speak
5. Accelerando
6. The Great Transition
7. On the Outbreath

James Asher & Sandeep Raval
Drum Travel (2 CD)
New Age, Vocal
MP3 320 kbps
01:10:02 + 01:13:00

Maria Callas - EMI Icon - La Divina - (6CDs), 2012

Artist: Maria Callas
Title Of Album: EMI Icon - La Divina - (6CD)
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Warner Classics
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 6 СВ
Total Size: 1,57 GB

Gyuto Monks of Tibet - Beyond Karma (feat. Kim Cunio & Heather Lee) (2016)


01. Beyond Karma
02. Karma Burning
03. O Pastor Animarum
04. Tantric Grace
05. Unity of Life
06. Mahakala
07. Lament for a Lost Land
08. On the Path
09. As the Sun Sets
10. The Suffering of the World
11. Dedication

Artist: Gyuto Monks of Tibet
Title: Beyond Karma (feat. Kim Cunio & Heather Lee)
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: New Earth Records
Genre: New Age, World
Quality: 320
Total Time: 54:14 min
Total Size: 126

Mick Douglas - Healing Music to Harmonize Chakras (2016)


01. Sounds for Opening Your Chakras (29:46)
02. Healing Music to Harmonize Chakras (29:52)

Artist: Mick Douglas
Title: Healing Music to Harmonize Chakras
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Birdy Records
Genre: New Age
Quality: 320
Total Time: 59:38 min
Total Size: 136

John Hermanson - Music for Sleep (2014)


01. Our Work Is Done
02. Now the Day Is Over
03. Dream Dance
04. Goldberg Sleeps
05. Mother's Heart
06. Open Window
07. Heavenly Peace
08. Angels Watching Over
09. Sweet Repose
10. Distant Shores

Artist: John Hermanson
Title: Music for Sleep
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Somerset Group
Genre: New Age
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 73:23 min
Total Size: 336 MB

Jain Gundeja Brothers - Sacred Chants Of Jainism (2010)


01. Navkar Mantra (2:44)
02. Bhaktamar Stotra (33:22)
03. Chhoti Shanti (9:26)
04. Navkar Mantra (Dhun) (10:38)

Artist: Jain Gundeja Brothers (Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha)
Title: Sacred Chants Of Jainism
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Times Music (TDIDE 613E)
Genre: Mantras, Meditation
Quality:MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 55:30 min
Total Size: 135 MB

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Fridrik Karlsson - Magical Healing (2001)


01. Magical Healing (20:02)
02. Dream Healing (20:02)
03. Cathedral Peacefullness (20:00)

Artist: Fridrik Karlsson
Title: Magical Healing
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: River of Light Records
Genre: New Age
Quality: mp3
Total Time: 60:04 min

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sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Deva Premal, Miten & Manose - 2015 - Songs For The Sangha

01. Parameshwara Mantra / Deep in Love
02. Sarveshaam Mantra
03. Ganapati Mantra / Strong My Roots
04. Karuna
05. Brahma Gayatri Mantra
06. Guru Mantra
07. Draw Near Draw Near

Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum (2005)

01. The Source [00:13:13]
02. Traveller [00:05:02]
03. The Healing Drum [00:01:15]
04. An Irishman in Africa [00:11:48]
05. Cymbology [00:03:30]
06. The Seven Jewels [00:05:06]
07. Back to the River [00:09:02]


Terry Oldfield - Reverence (2015)

Shastro - Lovers Night (2014)


01. Under The Moonlight [00:09:48]
02. Lovers Night [00:15:45]
03. Letting Go [00:12:43]
04. Coming Back Home [00:10:19]

Artist: Shastro
Title Of Album: Lovers Night
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Malimba Records
Genre: New Age
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 48:36
Total Size: 115 MB

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Rodrigo Rodriguez - Shakuhachi Meditations (2010)


1 Eleven Waterfalls 4:26
2 Shunyata 3:14
3 Chaniwa 5:35
4 Kyunde No Kurayami 4:04
5 Lady Of The Snow 2:02
6 Peace Bell 3:27
7 Corss Of Light 3:33
8 Sangha 2:27
9 Shinkantaza 3:10
10 Honshirabe 3:45

Artista: Rodrigo Rodriguez
Album: Shakuhachi Meditations
Año: 2010
Style: New Age, Relax, Meditacion, Meditative, Flute
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Total Size: 86 MB

Manish Vyas - Healing Ragas 3 (2016)


1. Awakening - Raga Basant Mukari (32:52)
2. Solitude - Raga Malkauns (33:14)

Artist: Manish Vyas
Title: Healing Ragas 3
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Malimba Records
Genre: New Age
Quality: 320
Total Time: 66:06 min
Total Size: 151

This long awaited new offering in the Healing Ragas sequel will easily take you into a peaceful and meditative space.
This music is about the silence within - an intimate celebration. Finding peace and light through the joy of the inner music, the fragarance of self blossoming. These pieces combine gracefully that mystic eternity-feeling of santoor, the meditative depth of bansuri and the romance and sweetness of Indian harp.

Claude Challe And Jean-Marc Challe: Magic Deep 02 (2016)


01. Frank Donner - Orient Bazar (Original Mix) 5:11
02. Billy Esteban - Desert Girl 4:20
03. Malecka - Flamenco 4:18
04. Dubesque & Funk 78 - Pilar (Original Mix)
05. Dole & Kom - Phara Oh 6:56
06. Dreamers Inc and Ron Iron - Alexandreia 6:02
07. Mollono.Bass feat. Andrej Ugoljew,Seth Schwarz, Jörg Schwenzer, I Am Halo - Friends 5:33
08. Zelonka - Flamenco (Dancing In The Sn) 6:33
09. Hamza - Afro Turk (Original Mix) 6:12
10. DSF - Dreams (Original Mix) 7:18
11. Tetty Boys - Restart 7:21

01. Crocy featuring Ashley Berndt - Cry (Original Mix)
02. Rashid Ajami feat. Jaw - Night Prayer (dOP Vocal Remix)
03. Pierre Ravan & Spin Science - Eyes Should Be Washed 6:32
04. Kellerkind - Move Me (Joachim Pastor Remix)
05. Protoxic feat. Esza Kaye - Try Again (Rishi K Remix)
06. Anthony Romeno feat. Lady Vale - Play The Guitar (Original Mix)
07. Dim Vach feat. Anna Tarba - You (Original Mix)
08. Marcelo Nassi & Matvey Emerson - Hold Me On (Christos Fourkis Remix)
09. Of Norway feat. Linnea Dale - Spirit Lights (Adriatique Remix)
10. Nikos Diamantopoulos & Katerina - Too Late (Christos Fourkis Remix)

Artist: VA
Title: Claude Challe And Jean-Marc Challe: Magic Deep 02
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Wagram/Chall'o Music
Genre: Deep House, Chillout, Lounge
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 02:13:25
Total Size: 317 Mb

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Jorge Reyes - Dioses Olvidados (2015)


"01. Mutual Tribes
02. Diferent Deserts
03. Shaman's Dream
04. Saguaro
05. Snake Song
06. Distant Look
07. Suspended Memories
08. Night Devotion
09. Ritual Noise"

Artist: Jorge Reyes
Title Of Album: Dioses Olvidados
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Mexican Records
Genre: Ambient, Ethnic, Prehispanic, Experimental, Folk
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
Total Time: 01:04:00
Total Size: 150

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El Libro rojo de Jung - PDF Full Scan Re Up¡¡¡

Libro de muy alto precio y al momento muy dificil de conseguir¡¡

El libro Rojo o Nuevo Libro fué escrito por Jung durante los años 1914 a 1930 y contiene el inédito, exhaustivo y valiente trabajo que Jung hizo con la enorme inundación de contenidos inconscientes que asomaron durante una severa crisis personal que sufrió después de su ruptura con Freud.
C.G. Jung emprendió un largo proceso de auto-exploración que él llamó su "confrontación con el inconsciente". Esta investigación es lo que contiene el legendario Libro Rojo, un gran volumen encuadernado en cuero rojo lleno de escritos e ilustraciones que contiene el germen de sus obras posteriores. Escrito en un tiempo de aislamiento, no está exento de la tensión del entorno de la primera guerra mundial.

" Sentí la urgencia de sacar conclusiones sobre los acontecimientos que habian sucedido desde mi inconsciente , y esto se convirtió en el contenido y la tarea de mi vida....En el Libro Rojo fué necesario el desarrollo de imágenes ; aunque me causó una gran irritación comprender su significado, por la responsabilidad ética que suponía . Esta actitud influyó de forma decisiva en mi vida. El hombre no puede limitarse a ver surgir las imágenes y sorprenderse ante ellas, debe comprenderlas porque de otro modo está condenado a vivir de forma incompleta. Es enorme la responsabilidad del ser humano ante las imágenes que emergen desde el inconsciente porque este se expresa con un lenguaje frecuentemente incomprensible..." C.G.Jung.

Fue en esta época donde aparece el nucleo de los conceptos que después desarrolló : Arquetipos, Inconsciente colectivo, o Proceso de individuación ; que transformaron radicalmente su posición ideológica en el ámbito del psicoanálisis.
Jung consideró El Libro Rojo su obra más importante, visto hasta ahora tan solo por su familia y por un grupo muy reducido de personas. Es posiblemente la más importante obra inédita , hasta ahora, de la historia de la psicología. Es un sorprendente volumen de 416 páginas que contiene un profundo trabajo de psicología imaginal sobre sus sueños, visiones, y reflexiones en forma literaria y plástica , escrito en alemán y redactado con caligrafía gótica y formato de libro medieval . Contiene también 212 ilustraciones de los inquietantes y enigmáticos dibujos que realizó el propio Jung .
"Los años … cuando perseguí mis imágenes internas fué el tiempo más importante de mi vida. Todo lo demás derivó de ahí. Esto comenzó en aquel tiempo, y los detalles posteriores apenas importan . Mi vida entera consistió en la elaboración de los contenidos del inconsciente que, rota toda contención , me inundaban y arrastraban con su enorme corriente enigmática , amenanzado con romperme. Esto fué la materia prima para el trabajo de toda una vida....Después todo fué simplemente clasificación y reflexión externa..." C.G.Jung

John Two-Hawks - Vision Seeker (2011)


01. Arrival
02. Innocence
03. Goodnight Grandson [Lakota Traditional] (feat- Joseph Chamberlain II)
04. Native Flute Symphony - The Journey
05. Purification
06. Sit With It
07. Crying for a Vision
08. Fire on the Mountain
09. I Am The Night
10. Woman's Blanket
11. Midnight Moon
12. The Vision Comes (feat- Scott Thomas)
13. Spirit Helpers Enter
14. Acceptance
15. New Dawn
16. Prayer of Gratitude

Artist: John Two-Hawks
Title: Vision Seeker
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Circle Studios Records
Genre: New Age, Folk, World, Native American
Quality: 320
Total Time: 49:32 min
Total Size: 114

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Stephan Micus - Nomad Songs (2015) FlAC


1. Everywhere, Nowhere
2. Leila
3. The Promise
4. The Stars
5. The Spring
6. The Blessing
7. The Feast
8. Laughing At Thunder
9. Sea Of Grass
10. The Dance
11. Under The Chinar Trees

Artist: Stephan Micus
Title Of Album: Nomad Songs
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: ECM
Genre: Jazz, World
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 55:56 min
Total Size: 352 MB

Niyaz - The Fourth Light (2015) FLAC


01. Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph of Love) (5:05)
02. Tam e Eshq (The Taste of Love) (5:26)
03. Eyvallah Shahim 'New Rendition' (Truth) (5:48)
04. Yek Nazar (A Single Glance) (3:42)
05. Man Haramam (I Am a Sin) (5:08)
06. Aurat (Woman) (4:14)
07. Khuda Bowad Yaret (Divine Companion) (5:12)
08. Shir Ali Mardan (Song of a Warrior) (5:55)
09. Marg e Man (My Elegy) (5:29)

Artist: Niyaz
Title Of Album: Six Degrees
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Six Degrees
Genre: World
Total Time: 46:11 min
Total Size: 325 MB

Schiller - Future (Limited Ultra Deluxe Edition) (2016)

01. Willkommen
02. The Future I
03. The Future II
04. The Future III
05. Rubinrot
06. Sweet Symphony (My Heart Beats Again)
07. Paradise
08. Schwerelos
09. Zwischen Gestern Und Morgen
10. Something There
11. Once Upon A Time I
12. Once Upon A Time II
13. I Breathe
14. Jupitermond
15. Once Upon A Time - Reprise
16. Looking Out For You (Against The Tide)

01. Die Reise Geht Weiter
02. Not In Love
03. Little Earthquakes
04. Little Earthquakes - Reprise
05. The Wait Is Over
06. Turquoise
07. Wellenreiter
08. Mirai
09. Es Ist Voller Sterne
10. Only Love
11. Save Me A Day
12. Die Nacht Gehoert Uns
13. Forget
14. For You
15. Future - Reprise

01. Exposition
02. Desert Empire
03. Oasis
04. Denn Wer Liebt
05. Ruhe
06. Ultramarin
07. Sonnenuhr
08. Berlin - Moskau
09. Atemlos
10. Mitternacht
11. Swan Lake
12. Das Glockenspiel

01. Tal Des Himmels Eins
02. Tal Des Himmels Zwei
03. Tal Des Himmels Drei
04. Tal Des Himmels Vier
05. Tal Des Himmels Fuenf
06. Tal Des Himmels Sechs
07. Tal Des Himmels Sieben

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