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Snatam Kaur - Feeling Good Today (2008) Re Up!!

Feeling Good Today! makes mantra and music fun for kids of all ages. Sing along with Snatam Kaur's magical vocals as she leads a lively group of children through songs and mantras. Parents and children will love the universal messages and positive affirmations woven through this joyful music.

These songs have been sung around the world in Snatam Kaur's children's yoga workshops. Fulfilling years of fan requests, this recording specially for children is sure to be a favorite in the car, at home, or in class. Sing, dance, play and feel good today!

Track Listing:
1 Feeling Good Today [04:17]
2 The Sun Shines on Everyone [08:15]
3 I Am Happy [04:30]
4 Gobinday [09:34]
5 Make The Love Grow! [05:12]
6 I Am The Light of My Soul [05:24]
7 Sa Ta Na Ma [05:45]
8 Adi Shakti [07:38]
9 Long Time Sun [02:41]

Release Date: 15-10-2008
MP3 192 KBPS

Snatam explored the power of sound in India. After high school, her love for the Indian musical tradition and for children took her to Miri Piri Academy, a boarding school for children in India. She spent time taking care of the young children, teaching physical education, and providing music for the children's morning and evening chanting. When she returned to the United States, she attended Mills College in Oakland, California, where she obtained a degree in biochemistry, taught yoga classes, and shared her chants with Western audiences. But India called her back. After touring and performing Kirtan in northern India, Snatam settled in Amritsar where she studied music with the accomplished ragi (Indian master of Sikh-style kirtan) Bhai Hari Singh. This was a great honor for her, and particularly meaningful because Singh was the same teacher who had taught her mother when she was just a little girl.

Snatam embraced everything that Singh taught her, from the technical aspects of the notes, to the ability to sing with presence and awareness. The lessons took place in Singh's home, where Snatam was welcomed by the entire family--daughters, sons, and grandchildren.

While in Amritsar, Snatam lived next door to the Golden Temple, considered the world's holiest Sikh temple. Sacred music resonates from inside the temple from about 2:30 in the morning to midnight every day-sounds created by world-class masters of Sikh kirtan. This enabled Snatam to continually soak in the essence of the Sound Current.

Upon returning to the US from India, Snatam began her career as a recording artist with a band called the Peace Family. She served as the band's lead singer and, with two skilled and accomplished musicians - Livtar Singh and GuruGanesha Singh, had her first opportunity to write songs. Two years later she began to develop her own sound and style and embarked on a very fruitful solo career.

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