lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Craig Pruess - Sacred Chants of Rama

"Ramayana is going on all the time around us and in our lives....Our innermost Self (as represented by Rama) becomes overshadowed when the mind (Sita) gets captured by negativity (Ravana). The two things that can rescue us are: the breath (Hanuman) and awareness (Lakshamana) so that both the mind and the soul are in total harmony in the body (Ayodhya), radiating light and bliss (Divali)...." --- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Ramayana is a timeless tale of adventure, loss, longing, perseverance, triumph and supreme devotion. Rama came to this Earth to restore Dharma and the intense life experiences told in this epic can inspire and motivate our lives in countless ways. The Ramayana continues to be told and enacted in many cultures outside India like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and its amazing story continues to captivate millions around the globe.

The kirtans contained in this CD serve as a reminder that life is a celebration in all ways. If we can dance in the rain during the hard times, then a depth dawns in us. These bhajans remind us that devotion purifies the heart and uplifts the soul. The meditative chants reinforce the underlying importance of daily relation and deep self-exploration. Our home is in our hearts, and we pray that our minds more and more reflect the divine qualities of the soul. --- Craig Pruess

Featured Singers: Pandit Vishwa Prakash, Shashi Pandit & Dinesh K. Mahavir

Sarod: ZARIN SHARMA, Pakhavaj, Tabla & Percussion: BHAVANI SHANKAR, Santoor: ULHAS BAPAT, Bansuri: RONU MAJUMDAR, Trumpets, Sitar, Tanpuras, Swarmandalas, Keyboards, 12 string guitar, sound design and extra percussion: CRAIG PRUESS, Sitar: UMASHANKAR SHUKLA, Violin: DEEPAK PANDIT, Shehnai: MADHUKAR DHUMAL, Conch: DARREN ILAKESH

Playlist: (2 cds)
1. Invocation: Shri Rama Stuti (5:46)
2. Birth of Rama (18:55)
3. Young Rama and Lakshamana (12:45)
5. Exile of Rama with Sita and Lakshamana (13:57)
6. Enchanted Forest and Capture of Sita (18:34)
7. Hanuman and the Battle of Lanka (17:03)
8. Return to Ayodhya and the Crowning of Rama (10:09)
9. Arti (7:10)

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  2. Hola, se cayeron los vinculos!! Me los podrian pasar??
    En realidad, me interesa muchisimo el librito interno con las letras. Tengo todo menos eso. Gracias!!!!!